about oral cancer

What is Oral Cancer?

Cancer occurring in the tissues of oral cavity (begins at the lips and extends backwards to the front part of the tonsils) or oropharynx (part of the throat) is termed as oral cancer.

What is Oral Cavity?

Different parts in your oral cavity are:

  • NTongue
  • NLips
  • NGums and Teeth
  • NLining of cheeks
  • NSalivary glands
  • NFloor of the mouth
  • NRoof of the mouth (hard palate)
  • NTonsils
  • N Uvula

Burden of the Disease

India has one third of oral cancer cases in the world. Oral cancer accounts for around 30% of all cancers in India. Oral cancers in India estimated (Globocan, 2018):
New cases: 1,19,992
Deaths: 72,616
In general, more men suffer and die from oral cancer than women.