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Are There Test For Early Detection?

Many cancers of the oral cavity have a long early pre-cancer period which provide during which they may have same symptoms. Early detection of these lesions is possible during routine general health check-ups/screening by doctors/dentists/health workers (oral visual examination) or by oral self-examination

Oral visual Examination

You can examine your mouth yourself by looking at your mouth with the help of mirror in bright light, for early detection of oral cancers.
The Standard 8 Steps of Oral Cancer Screening

  • NWash your hands thoroughly
  • NExplore your mouth with your finger
  • NTilt your head back; examine the roof of your mouth for any abnormal thickening.
  • NPull the cheeks on one side at a time, inspect the inner surface and back of the gums
  • NPull out your tongue and hold it with finger upwards, inspect and feel the floor of the mouth and look carefully at the tongue.
  • NIf you detect any abnormality, bring it to the notice of your doctor for further evaluation