Breast Cancer

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a tumor arising from the cells of the breast which has the ability to involve surrounding tissues and spread to distant organs. It is seen in both genders even though rare amongst males (1%).

What constitutes breast?

Woman breast is designed for the production of milk and constitutes 15-20 lobes. Each lobe contains milk glands that carry the milk through ducts to the reservoir situated behind the dark round area of skin surrounding the nipple called the areola. The rest of the breast is made up of fat, blood and lymph vessels.

Lymphatic’s of the Breast

Lymphatics carry fluid from tissues and drain it into lymph nodes. Lymph nodes contain immune cells that prevent infections. Lymph vessels from breast drain into the axilla and supraclavicular nodes.

Disease Burden

Breast cancer is the commonest cancer in Indian women. 1,62,468 new cases and 87090 deaths were reported in 2018 in india. Consult your doctor Today! Dr.Chinnababu Sunkavalli, Robotic Surgical Oncologist & Cancer Surgeon is one of the well-experienced Surgeons among Breast Cancer Surgery Doctors in Hyderabad and also provides breast cancer treatment in Hyderabad which helps to know the breast cancer symptoms and causes by spread cancer awareness programs from Breast Cancer Education and conducting frequently health Checkup Campaigns.