Significant Points

  • The process by which cancer arises from normal cells is called carcinogenesis
  • Carcinogenesis is a process in which genetic changes occur which are called mutations.

Carcinogenesis is the process in which normal cells turn into cancer cells.

Cells are building blocks of our body and are the tiniest units that together form tissues. These cells contain genetic material which are the brains for body growth, development and repair. There is an enormous number of genes that control the life of a cell, replication, evolution of a cell with specialized function or death. The pathway by which a normal cell turns into a cancer cell ultimately is called carcinogenesis.

Changes (mutations) in genes occur during carcinogenesis.

Normal cells turn into cancerous cells by gene changes called mutations. When mutations occur cells outlive their survival and regenerate independently. These cells accumulate to form a lump or mass which is called a tumor. These tumors are of different types called benign or malignant types. Benign types of tumor are localized and do not spread to other tissues. Malignant cells spread to local tissues as well as distant organs. Dr.ChinnaBabu Sunkavalli, the Best Robotic Surgical Oncologist is available at Yashoda hospitals, Hitech city Hyderabad, Telangana, India. International Cancer Patients can consult via online/video appointments.