What is Preventions

What is Cancer Prevention?

The actions taken with an aim to decrease the incidence of cancer are called cancer prevention. 18 lakh new cases have added to the existing cancer burden in the year 2020. These new cases stress the patients, family members physically, psychologically, financially and burden the existing health care. Dr.Chinnababu Sunkavalli, the Best Cancer Treatment Doctor in Hyderabad having well experienced Surgical Oncologist provides 360 degrees of Cancer care and Cancer awareness Education by conducting Campaigns in India.

With cancer prevention, we lower the burden of cancer, decrease the incidence of new cases and cancer deaths. Cancer is a cluster of many diseases that can be caused by multiple reasons which are gene, lifestyle and environment-related. Ongoing efforts to decrease cancer include Food, lifestyle, and behavioral changes. Avoiding cancer-causing agents. Early detection of precancerous conditions which may turn into cancer. Chemoprevention – using medicines to treat the pre-existing condition and prevent cancer. Risk-reducing surgery – using surgery to decrease the risk of cancer.